Surely in a downturn we are seeing now businesses should sit tight, lower costs, sack people,… right?

Well, we say no to that. We say Don’t just accept the new normal – embrace it!

And that’s not all.. We say Don’t just cut costs – rethink them. The same way you should Rethink & Update your business model. Be honest you wanted that ages ago and pandemics just accelerated it. What about that fresh, creative competition stealing you market share? Now it’s the time – Make strategic acquisitions or aim a little lower and get something of even greater value…

We’re not making this up. These diagrams speak for themselves.

And Harvard Business School what do they have to say about cutting costs drastically? In a massive study of 4,700 public companies during past recessions, researchers found that the most fearced cost cutters “have the lowest probability — 21% — of pulling ahead of the competition when times get better.”

GET IN TOUCH! REALLY GET-IN-TOUCH! You being in Accomodation, Public Transport, Retail, Technology, Delivery, Sport & Leisure or some other business Covitect team can help you keep your business running for the next 20 years. Don’t hesitate time is now – Embrace reality for it’s the new normal.